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Jeder hat finanzielle Probleme. Wenn Sie Geld leihen möchten, egal wie viel Sie an Frau Angele MAURIN senden. Sie ist die einzige, die Darlehen ohne Betrug gewährt. Sie können ihm schreiben: E-Mail: E-Mail:   für alle Ihre Kreditanträge. danke

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We offer uniforms in two forms either Sublimated or Cut & Sew. Cut & Sew uniforms are a cost effective solution when compared to sublimated products and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit your needs. Embroidery is ideal for cut & sew collections but we can also screen print if required. We offer Soft touch 100% polyester fabrics in various knitting styles and color selection of your choice. Fabric is lightweight and breathable, designed to diffuse and evaporate moisture keeping the player cool and dry. We use AZO reactive, anti-static, anti-stain and non-bleeding dyed fabric for our sports wears. We offer the highest quality baseball outfit, batting gloves, baseball uniforms, catcher glove, baseball pants with completely customizable color schemes, designs, logos and materials Via sublimation, embroidery, applique badge and transfer printing. Elegant, Sharp looking, long lasting uniform’s within your target price range and with great stretch recovery and wear & tear properties. Customization: send us your designs and other requirements in PDF or AI format.